Toronto transit map

Toronto public transit map. Toronto transit map (Canada) to print. Toronto transit map (Canada) to download. The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is a public transport agency that operates transit bus, streetcar, and rapid transit services in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as its shown in Toronto transit map. Established in 1954, the Toronto transit commission has grown to comprise four rapid transit lines with a total of 69 stations, as well as over 149 bus routes and 11 streetcar lines, of which 148 routes make 243 connections with a rapid transit station during weekday rush hours.

Toronto public transit map

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The Toronto transit commission TTC operates the third most heavily used urban mass transit system in North America, after the New York City Transit Authority and Mexico City Metro. In 2011, the average daily ridership was 2.59 million passengers: 1,294,300 by bus, 307,600 by streetcar, 42,500 by intermediate rail, and 936,300 by subway. The projected 2012 ridership is 507 million riders. The Toronto transit commission also provides door-to-door services for persons with physical disabilities known as Wheel-Trans; in first quarter, 2010, 8,900 trips were made through this service daily (see Toronto transit map). The Toronto transit commission employed 11,861 personnel in 2008.
Colloquially, the subway cars of Toronto transit commission were known as "red rockets", a nickname originally given to Gloucester subway cars, which were painted bright red and which have since been retired. The name lives on as the Toronto transit commission uses the phrase to advertise the service as its mentioned in Toronto transit map, such as "Ride the Rocket" in advertising material, "Rocket" in the names of some express buses, and the new "Toronto Rocket" subway cars, which began revenue operation July 21, 2011. Another common slogan is "The Better Way".
Privately operated transit services in Toronto began in 1850. In later years, a few routes were operated by the city, but it was 1921 when the city took over all routes and formed the Toronto Transit Commission to operate them. During this period service was mainly provided by streetcars. In 1954, the Toronto transit commission adopted its present name, opened the first subway line, and greatly expanded its service area to cover the newly formed municipality of Metropolitan Toronto (which eventually became the enlarged city of Toronto as you can see in Toronto transit map).