Toronto bus map

Ttc bus map Toronto. Toronto bus map (Canada) to print. Toronto bus map (Canada) to download. Toronto buses are a large part of TTC operations today, but before about 1960, they played a minor role compared to streetcars. Toronto buses began to operate in the city in 1921 and became necessary for areas without streetcar service (see Toronto bus map). After an earlier experiment in the 1920s, trolley buses were used on a number of routes starting in 1947, but all trolley bus routes were converted to bus operation between 1991 and 1993.
The TTC always used the term trolley coach to refer to its trackless electric vehicles. Hundreds of Toronto old buses were recently replaced with the new, low-floor Orion VII, and the TTC has acquired many hybrid electric buses (see Toronto bus map). The TTC hybrid buses were first put on the road in 2006; these were replaced with the newer 500 Orion VII Next Generation Hybrids in 2008. A new order will bring the total of hybrids to over 500, second only to New York City.
Older (2001–2006) TTC Orion VIIs feature the standard, "bread-box" style, whereas newer (2007- ) buses feature Orion new, more stylish body. Although most of the Toronto bus fleet has already been replaced, a number of lift-equipped, high floor buses are reaching the end of their useful lifespan, and another order of buses may be needed around 2012. With a total of 2031 buses as its shown in Toronto bus map, the TTC is the third largest transit bus operator in North America, behind the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York City (6263) and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (2911).