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Toronto Eaton Centre map. Eaton centre map (Canada) to print. Eaton centre map (Canada) to download. The Toronto Eaton Centre is a large shopping mall and office complex in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada as its shown in eaton centre map, named after the now-defunct Eaton department store chain that once anchored it. In terms of the number of visitors, the shopping mall of eaton centre is Toronto top tourist attraction, with around one million visitors per week. Eaton centre is also the largest shopping mall in Eastern Canada and third-largest in Canada as a whole.

Toronto Eaton Centre map

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The Eaton Centre is bounded by Yonge Street on the east, Queen Street West on the south, Dundas Street West on the north, and to the west by James Street and Trinity Square as its mentioned in eaton centre map. Eaton centre interior passages also form part of Toronto PATH underground pedestrian network, and the centre is served by two Toronto subway stations: Dundas and Queen. The complex of eaton centre also contains three office buildings (at 20 Queen Street West, 250 Yonge Street and 1 Dundas Street West) and the Ryerson University Ted Rogers School of Management. Additionally, the Eaton Centre is linked to a 17-storey Marriott hotel, and to Canada's largest store, the flagship location of The Bay department store chain.
The Eaton Centre is one of North America top shopping destinations, and is Toronto most popular tourist attraction. One of the most prominent sights in the shopping mall is the group of fibreglass Canada Geese hanging from the ceiling. This sculpture, named Flight Stop, is the work of artist Michael Snow as you can see in eaton centre map. It was also the subject of an important intellectual property court ruling. One year, the management of the eaton centre decided to decorate the geese with red ribbons for Christmas, without consulting Snow. Snow objected arguing that the ribbons made his naturalistic work "ridiculous" and harmed his reputation as an artist. Snow sued and in Snow v. The Eaton Centre Ltd., the court ruled that even though the Centre owned the sculpture, the ribbons had infringed Snow moral rights. The ribbons were ordered to be removed.
The mall of eaton centre contains a wide selection of 230 stores, restaurants and two food courts as its shown in eaton centre map. The eaton centre is served by two subway stations, Queen and Dundas, located at its southernmost and northernmost points respectively. With the demise of the Eaton chain, the department store space at the north end of the eaton centre is now occupied by Sears Canada, which is the chain largest store in the world at about 817,850 square feet (75,981 m2), though they have converted the uppermost floors to corporate offices and the lowest floor was converted to mall space.