Toronto neighbourhoods map

Map of Toronto neighbourhoods. Toronto neighbourhoods map (Canada) to print. Toronto neighbourhoods map (Canada) to download. As one might imagine for such a diverse city, Toronto is a mosaic of different neighbourhoods as its shown in Toronto neighbourhoods map, most of them with their own identities and charms. Typically the west end of Toronto has been the hip part of town, but as rents rise and gentrification takes a firmer grip, it’s the east end where the up-and-coming Toronto neighbourhoods are located.

Map of Toronto neighbourhoods

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Toronto is known for its diversity and culture and this is reflected in its many neighbourhoods. The Toronto neighbourhoods map below shows the City of Toronto 140 neighbourhoods displayed by neighbourhood number. you can find yourself transported from one neighborhood to the next and from one nation to another, and you will feel a shift in the energy in the air.
Yonge and Eglinton can be called midtown Toronto, but really its on the upper half of midtown as its mentioned in Toronto neighbourhoods map. This neighborhood of Toronto has undergone a development boom in the last couple years but even before that, it was a popular place in the city. Iconic bars including the Duke of Kent and Rose and Crown line the streets here, along with pretty much everything else you would need. Medical offices, grocery stores, bars, subway, and great restaurants. The Annex is a very student heavy neighbourhood in Toronto but dont let that scare you off. That just means you have a lot of cheap food options around you, bars with great drink specials, and you are downtown.
Church and Wellesley is a beloved neighbourhood in Toronto as you can see in Toronto neighbourhoods map. The LGBTQ enclave, otherwise known as The Village is home to one of the friendliest and welcoming communities in Toronto. The nightlife is exceptional, especially if you love a good drag show. It is downtown location means it has a lot of accessible amenities to forget needing a car. The Harbourfront in Toronto is one of the best neighbourhoods you can live in. The view and proximity to the lake makes you forget that a 10 minute walk away is the heart of downtown and all the fun stuff that comes with that.