City of Toronto ward map

Toronto ward map. City of Toronto ward map (Canada) to print. City of Toronto ward map (Canada) to download. The city Toronto Ward Profiles provide demographic information on population by age, households and dwelling types, families, language group, household tenure and period of construction; immigration, mobility, ethnic origin and visible minorities; education and labour force; income and shelter cost. The 25 city Toronto Ward Profiles listed below reflect the 2018 – 2022 term of City Council, effective 1 December, 2018 (see city of Toronto ward map).
Wards are an essential part of the city of Toronto local government system and central to how Toronto local government works. Voters in each ward elect one Councillor to deal with local and city-wide issues and represent their interests on City Council. Toronto has 44 wards as its mentioned in city of Toronto ward map, which vary in size, demographic composition and population. The average area for a ward in Toronto is 15km2 and the average population is approximately 61,000.
The city of Toronto current ward boundaries have been in place since 2000 when a new ward structure was devised based generally on the federal ridings (electoral districts as you can see in city of Toronto ward map) in Toronto. Each riding was split to create the current system of 44 wards. Ward Profiles have been developed by the City of Toronto for each of the 44 wards. They provide a portrait of the demographic, social and economic characteristics of the people and households in each City Ward.