Sherway gardens map

Map of sherway gardens. Sherway gardens map (Canada) to print. Sherway gardens map (Canada) to download. CF Sherway Gardens is a leading retail destination in Toronto west end, serving a trade area of 2.7 million people who have an average household income substantially above the national average as its shown in sherway gardens map. The property has undergone a significant expansion that includes, i) a second level food court, ii) three full-service restaurants, and iii) 50+ additional retailers, including Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom. Productivity per sq. ft. at CF Sherway gardens is among the highest in Canada, driven by a heavily-populated trade area, convenient location, and premium quality retail. The centre of sherway gardens draws almost 10.5 million visitors per year, with double-digit growth anticipated upon completion of Nordstrom and Saks.

Map of sherway gardens

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Modern peaceful harmony arrives at Sherway Gardens Centre Court Sherway Gardens is one of Toronto premier shopping destinations owned by the Cadillac Fairview Corporation. It was named “Sherway Gardens” after the malls construction (1973) because of its lush gardens strategically located throughout the mall as its mentioned in sherway gardens map. Move forward some 41 years later and the mall is undergoing a $350 million dollar revitalization to attract new best ­in­ class retailers and enhance the overall shopping experience that their discerning shopper expect. Ambius was approached by Sherway Gardens to propose design ideas to revitalize 7 gardens including Centre Court (the very centre of the mall with 4 large existing planter beds).
Ambius Toronto and Yuko Frazier collaborated with the Sherway Gardens to create a design that utilized the existing pits and create a new design that is both modern, eye catching, functional and ultimately unlike anything you would see at the other shopping malls. Ambius put forth an extremely unique proposal that was a BIG deviation from their history (using all live plants as you can see in sherway gardens map) and had a mixture of replica and live plants that would provide them the functionality to remove pieces (the replica) and substitute for retailers merchandise, art shows and actually create a new revenue stream. The design of sherway gardens created an inviting space with a flair that draws people into the space to discuss a future purchase, get a little rest and a coffee, or provide the little shoppers a place to burn off some energy.
CF Sherway Gardens has opened three new parking decks, creating over 2700 new parking spaces as its shown in sherway gardens map. The Hudson Bay parking deck is located just off the Queensway on the North West side of the property. The East side parking deck in sherway gardens is located off Hwy 427 adjacent to Saks Fifth Avenue and the South deck is located off the West Mall and Evans Avenue beside Nordstrom (open 2017).