Blue jays stadium map

Toronto blue jays seating map. Blue jays stadium map (Canada) to print. Blue jays stadium map (Canada) to download. The Toronto Blue Jays stadium are a professional baseball team located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as its shown in blue jays stadium map. The Blue Jays are a member of the Eastern Division of Major League Baseball (MLB) American League (AL). The "Blue Jays" name originates from the bird of the same name, and the fact that blue is the traditional colour of Toronto other professional sports teams, the Maple Leafs and the Argonauts. Nicknamed "the Jays", the team official colours are royal blue, navy blue, white, and red. An expansion franchise, the club was founded in Toronto in 1977, initially owned by the Labatt Brewing Company. Originally based at Exhibition Stadium, the team began playing its home games at the SkyDome, upon completion of its construction in 1989.

Toronto blue jays seating map

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The Blue Jays of Toronto are one of three MLB teams under corporate ownership, with the other two being the Seattle Mariners (Nintendo of America) and the Atlanta Braves (Liberty Media). The Blue Jays played their first game on April 7, 1977, against the Chicago White Sox (see blue jays stadium map), before a home crowd of 44,649. The game is now perhaps best remembered for the minor snowstorm which began just before the game started. Toronto won the snowy affair 9–5, led by Doug Ault two home runs.
In 1977, after only 50 home games, the Blue Jays stadium of Toronto set an MLB record for a first-year expansion team, with an overall attendance of 1,219,551. By the end of the season, 1,701,052 fans had attended blue jays stadium. In 1991, the Blue Jays became the first MLB team to attract over four million fans, with an attendance of 4,001,526, followed by 4,028,318 in 1992. Each of those records were broken in 1993 by the expansion Colorado Rockies, though the Blue Jays 1993 attendance of 4,057,947 stood as an AL record for 12 years, until being broken by the 2005 New York Yankees (see blue jays stadium map).