Yyz airport map

Yyz map. Yyz airport map (Canada) to print. Yyz airport map (Canada) to download. Yyz airport was created from nine farmland properties that were purchased by the Toronto Harbour Commission in 1937. Yyz airport opened in 1939 as Bishop Field Toronto Airport Malton, named for the World War I flying ace, and its location near Malton, bounded by Derry Road to the north, Airport Road (6th Line) to the east, Elmbank Side Road to the south and Torbram Road (5th Line) to the west as its shown in yyz airport map.
Yyz airport was renamed to Lester B. Pearson International Airport in 1984, in honour of Lester B. Pearson, the 14th Prime Minister of Canada and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Operationally, the yyz airport is often referred to as Toronto Pearson (see yyz airport map). Terminal 3 opened in 1991, to offset traffic from Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Before its opening, Terminal 3 was the designation for the CP Air hangar at the yyz airport during 1971 to handle the increased volume at Terminal 1.
Yyz airport currently has two operating terminals as its mentioned in yyz airport map: Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. T1 opened April 6, 2004. The old Terminal 1, which closed simultaneously with the opening, was demolished to make room for additional gates at Pier E. Pier F at Terminal 1, which has an enlarged end called "Hammerhead F", opened January 30, 2007, to replace Terminal 2. This pier accommodates for international traffic and adds 7 million passengers per year to the yyz airport total capacity. Redevelopment of the yyz airport was a logistical challenge as the existing terminals remained operational throughout construction and demolition.